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Sample Graphics


Digital Photography - "Robert Blackcloud", Monochrome Portrait, copyright


Digital Photography - "Reflections Within", Incorporated Portrait, copyright Lisa Bracken 2005


Digital Photography - "Buttercup and Stones" copyright 2005 Lisa Bracken


Pen and Ink - pointelle from collection: "Circles in the Sand";  "Autumn Leaves" copyright 1998 Lisa Bracken


Watercolor "Bountiful Surprise" copyright 1997 Lisa Bracken


Oil on Canvas "Last of Harvest" copyright 2002 Lisa Bracken


Digital "Holly" copyright 2003 Lisa Bracken


Pencil Sketch "Harmony" copyright 1995 Lisa Bracken


Watercolor [commissioned artwork by Lisa Bracken] "Dedication Page" from unpublished manuscript "Look With Me and Listen" copyright 1996 Debbie Mathias


Digital Photography "Fronds" copyright 2006 Lisa Bracken



other graphic samples are available throughout this site



Design opportunities are limitless, but client-driven materials don't always give me a chance to demonstrate some of my more creative work.  I've been playing around with some new design ideas, and to give you a peek inside my studio, I'll be posting on a new "artboard" feature coming soon.





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